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Apple Pie Cookies

Just before the holidays, my sister-in-law sent me a link to Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Apple Pie Cookies.  Just the concept and the photographs of these little nublets made me completely hysterical.  It’s apple pie.  In a cookie!

I have since made this recipe twice.  The first time – the test run – proved that as adorable as these babies are, they are a bit labor-intensive.  Lots of little bowls and little steps.  I thought the outer cookie (the pie crust) was exquisite, but the inside lacked the juicy, caramelized-ness of apple pie as I make it.  So I made the apple slices a wee bit thicker, used the suggested amount of sugar except half granulated and half light brown, and then added a couple teaspoons of vanilla paste to the sugar and spice dipping dish and mixed that in.

When I made them again with these minor tweaks for a holiday party I was exhausted by the amount of work (I was making about 50 in total) but the audience reaction was like nothing I have ever seen, and now these darlings shall be a permanent part of my baking repertoire.  Moreover, I’m thrilled to have discovered Smitten Kitchen, which has an official cookbook coming out in 2012 from Knopf, and I’m waiting with baited breath to have it in my kitchen library.