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White Collar

Tuesdays @ 10p ET

USA Network

Winter premieres of shows on basic cable are the reason I have no idea what time of year it is.  With all the half seasons and cliffhangers in weird places it can be most discombobulating. As we dive back into one of the best shows on television, Mrs. Suit has been kidnapped and Neal and Mozzie’s secret treasure may be the only thing that can save her.  Once again, Caffrey is in a pickle.

The new season has some of the best moments of the series thus far, including a carrier pigeon and Neal working as a substitute teacher at a Manhattan prep school.  Creator Jeff Eastin and his team continue to outdo themselves with a heist show featuring characters we’d love to go an adventure with.  Elizabeth (Tiffani Theissen) is finally getting a bit more play, too, which is nice to see.

So we dive into a new (half?) season to continue on the journey with Neal and his merry band of boys and girls.  It’s a most enjoyable way to spend your Tuesday nights.