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Dead Poets Society

Touchstone Home Entertainment

In shops now

Over the years there have been more than enough films about inspirational teachers.  “Stand and Deliver,” “Dangerous Minds” and “Freedom Writers” are among them, and they will certainly keep coming.  Peter Weir’s “Dead Poets Society,” however, is the best of the best and this is the film’s first appearance on Blu-ray.

Sure, there are a few special features on this disc – interviews with Peter Weir, Ethan Hawke and Robert Sean Leonard, a cinematography master class, theatrical trailer and audio commentary from cinematographer John Seale and screenwriter Tom Schulman, who received an Academy Award® for this film in 1989.  Noticeably absent from the special bits and pieces is Robin Williams, whose remarkable performance as professor John Keating makes “Dead Poets Society” one of those films that will always stay with you.

If you have never seen the film then you are in for a wonderful experience.  If you have seen it, then you surely remember the story of one of the students whose bright future is eclipsed by the pressures laid upon him.  And in a time when bullying in American schools has become an epidemic, the resignation of a young man in this film echoes even louder than it did 23 years ago.