Annie Hall

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So I guess they didn’t have camera crews running around recording DVD commentary in 1977; the only special feature you’ll find on the Blu-ray of “Annie Hall” is the original theatrical trailer, which is pretty great for its stoicism and Woody Allen soundbytes.  But, of course, none of that matters with a classic such as this.

I think I first saw “Annie Hall” when I was working as a clerk in a video store in high school.  To witness Woody Allen’s stuttering, stammering comedic genius for the first time is an amazing thing.  A lot of folks will tell you that this is his best.  Or “Manhattan” which has also just been released on Blu-ray.  Or “Hannah and Her Sisters.”  Or sometimes even “Midnight in Paris.”  His fans are a bit divided, but his acute observations into relationships and families and the American caste system is an astounding thing.

So even though there’s no bells and whistles, this title, like the rest of the titles in your own pre-approved Woody Allen collection, is something you’ll want in the library.  Because sometimes you just have to watch that lobster scene.