Snow White

by Brothers Grimm

Illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia

Harper Design

In shops now

With two Snow White feature films on the horizon, ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” and NBC’s “Grimm,” the appetite for fantasy tales on our screens has perhaps never been stronger.  Camille Rose Garcia has previously illustrated a volume of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” and her new “Snow White” is just as exciting.

To get a sense of her style you need only look at the lush illustrations which feel like a surrealist take on Tim Burton as fashioned by Katy Perry’s stylist.  The small and most reasonably price publication is chock-full of wonderful artwork and the graphic design pops like street art, down to dialogue bubbles for her dwarf friends.

It’s a refreshing take on an age-old tale and one that begs for more from this über-talented artist.  I adore her work on the page and hope to one day see this kind of vision blossom in a variety of other media.  I’m thinking opera.