The World’s Best Street Food: Where To Find It & How To Make It

Lonely Planet

In shops now

Apparently the food truck and street food fad isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Places like Los Angeles and Portland have wholly embraced the kind of dining that doesn’t require waiters or drive-thrus.  But there are delicious nublets all over the world that need tasting, and Lonely Planet has curated a recipe book of over 100 delights from nearly as many countries.

I’ve been eyeing things like Sfenj from Morocco, which the book refers to as “fried doughnuts gone pro,” Pierogi from Poland, Jerked Pork from Jamica and the Caribbean Islands, and Gözleme from Turkey (grilled flatbread sandwiches).

Really though, regardless of which way your tastes lean, this book has something for everyone.  There’s also helpful markers to identify those dishes which are Easy, Medium or Complex to cook, as well as which are meant for forks or fingers or chopsticks and which are spicy or vegetarian.  This is a handy one and will make for easy and impressive fare at my next cocktail party.