Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals


BBC America

Premieres Tuesday 1 May @ 1p

Seriously, the man does not sleep.  After tackling food by season and by country, Mr. Oliver is now doing his best Rachel Ray and addresses the issue of time by concocting full meals – wondrous weeknight feasts – in under 30 minutes.

Of course, we at home aren’t quite as quick to move around the kitchen as Mr. Oliver, but that’s alright because we’ll get there.  The newest batch of recipes he presents in the series are from his most recent cookbook, “Meals in Minutes.”  The dishes are familiar, but of course, they each have his signature approach.  There’s roast potatoes in the microwave and a roast beef done on the cooktop, there’s his take on Piri Piri Chicken and terrific staples that even the most inexperienced home cooks can tackle – stuff like pasta or soup or things that involve using a blender.  The blender gets plenty of screen time.

You’ll see some exciting twists on classic tastes like a Spinach & Feta Filo Pie and a simple but amazing Tomato Salad.  And for all these lovely meals (almost) there’s a simple but satisfying dessert sitting next to the entree by the time the clock hits the 30 minute mark.  “Jamie at Home” will always be my favorite show of his, but there’s so many great recipes in “Meals in Minutes” that you’ll spend half the time envying his imagination and the other half the time putting together your grocery list.