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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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When I lived in New York, I loved nothing more than spending a whole Sunday at the Met.  It didn’t matter how many times I went (I’m still finding little M pins in various colours all over the place) because the museum is so vast and the exhibitions were changing so often that to see it all was, and still is, a Sysiphean task.

Every museum has its essential guidebook which changes very rarely over the years, and the Met is no different.  This is the first new edition for this particular guide in almost thirty years.  So whether you are visiting the Met for the first time or going back or just needing a primer from afar, this guide is the ideal introduction for almost 600 masterpieces in the collection.

In director Thomas P. Campbell’s introduction to the volume, he reminds us that “Before the Metropolitan of Art owned a single work, it was an idea: a basic social and moral premise that art would fundamentally elevate anyone who had access to it.”  And this museum continues to brings the greatest works to as many people as possible.