Father of the Bride 20th Anniversary Edition & Father of the Bride Part II Blu-ray

Touchstone Home Entertainment

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I’m not usually one for the “combo” pack DVD.  It can feel a little cheesy on the shelf in a proper cinephile’s library, but in this case I will allow it.

“Father of the Bride” was a defining movie for me growing up.  Not just for the comic genius of Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Martin Short, but also for excelling in the genre of family comedy which has since become harder and harder to find.  I will never forget the scene where George Banks has a fit in the grocery store over the injustice between six hot dogs to eight buns.  Or the joyous performance of Mr. Short as the eccentric wedding planner. Or that house – that big, gorgeous house.

The sequel, as with almost every sequel, can’t touch it, but it’s still got plenty of laughs with characters we love – in particular the antics over mother and daughter getting pregnant at the same time.

And as with all Blu-rays, there are bonus bits to be had, like Steve Martin and Martin Short interviewing one another, audio commentary with the two of them or with writer/director, Charles Shyer.  But in the end, we’re really just here for the movies.  Because they’re classics, and they’re just so damn good.