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Hello! Lucky Greeting Cards


I have a drawer in my office with a stack of cards ready for almost any occasion.  This includes Get Well cards and general sassiness.

Any time I stumble in a stationery shop or a market like Unique LA I stock up on terrific (and, if we’re being honest) over-priced cards for the upcoming year.

The muted colours and innovative imagery on the Hello! Lucky sets caught my ear about a year ago and have kept my attention ever since.  Their newest offerings include a batch of cards from some of America’s most exciting cities.  And London.  Of course it’s all a matter of taste.  If you like their stuff as much as I do (“Thanks A Brunch!” or “Have a Gallant Birthday”), then you won’t need me to sell you on them.  They’ll be on your Pinterest board soon enough.  And that means no more frantic searches in the aisles of your local pharmacy.