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I’ve been waiting years for this.

Right about now, cinephiles all over the world can’t stop saying the name Ridley Scott.  “Prometheus” will surely be one of the summer’s most exciting events – I have no doubt.  And his fan base is champing at the bit for a new film that reminds them of the greats like “Alien” and “Blade Runner.”

But folks often forget that Mr. Scott has also directed some of the greatest dramas out there.  “American Gangster,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Thelma & Louise” are all his.  It’s a diverse batch but they are all expertly achieved.  “White Squall,” which tells the true story of a sailboat’s captain and his crew of students during the summer of 1961, is no different.  And at the end, when the white squall takes that ship down, the filmmaking is just as powerful as the ocean.

I have probably seen this one half a dozen times.  It’s not about a sailboat or summer school or a rough-around-the-edges captain played to perfection by Jeff Bridges.  Those things are all here, but this is a movie about that moment when you grow up.  Sometimes it lasts years or months.  And sometimes it happens right before your eyes.

This young cast of Scott Wolf, Ryan Phillippe, Jeremy Sisto and Balthazar Getty bring the story to life with remarkable ease.  And the score by Jeff Rona – especially the overture that plays over the main titles – has a melody that will stick with you for years.  Just like this beautiful story by the ever-brilliant Ridley Scott.