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It seems there was a lot of excitement about Greta Gerwig and this film in general on its approach, but it somehow fizzled out by the time it hit the cinemas.  To be frank though, I’m even happier to watch at home, and “Lola Versus” has a whole lot of wonderful in its DVD form, mostly stemming from Actress, Co-Writer, Zoe Lister-Jones who plays the hilarious best friend that I could not get enough of.

You may know Ms. Lister-Jones from the NBC sitcom, “Whitney,” but here her talents as a writer and performer are fully explored as she and director/writing partner/beau, Daryl Wein look at the mess one girl’s life becomes when the rug is pulled out from under her as she approaches her wedding day.  And for anyone who has ever been through such a doozie of a break-up, the stories here will be most familiar: using people for comfort, being unintentionally mean, and generally leaving the shattered pieces of your  heart all over the city streets.

Wein’s bright and vibrant aesthetic and Ms. Gerwig’s effervescence will prove that no one is exempt from falling down the rabbit hole.  And if “Lola Versus” can be awkward and difficult to process at times, it’s probably because these young and engaging filmmakers are spot-on.  This is the way the world is sometimes.  It can suck.  You just have to laugh your way through it.