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Monumental Venice


by Jacques Boulay

If you’ve been lucky enough to travel to Venice then you already know what a marvel it is to behold.  Next to walking along the Grand Canal yourself, the only way to take it all in is with a panoramic view.

Jacques Boulay’s photographs capture two things you can typically only appreciate while you’re there: the natural light and the sheer sprawl of the city.  They are laid out in a lavish and heavy volume that will easily cover half your coffee table (and perhaps the whole of it when opened).  Throughout, you’ll find epic pullouts as well, presenting that rare opportunity to experience the scope of a city with nothing but paper.  With the exception of a brief introduction by Alexis Gregory, what you get is nothing but photographs, because words alongside them would just not suffice.

It’s an astounding book and gift, and the closest thing you can get to city itself.