Brave: Blu-ray

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

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When Disney and Pixar get together to make a film and put out a DVD, they’re not messing about.

“Brave” is the heroic journey that follows young Merida through the Scottish highlands around her family’s castle.  There are bears and spirits and bows and arrows, and for a generation that has grown up with the Pixar film library, this female lead is a first, and both the story and its smooth, heartfelt execution will not soon be forgotten.

Beyond the film though, you will find a pile of extra bits and pieces (there are 5 discs in this particular box if that gives you any indication).  The film comes on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and Digital Copy.  Then there are the actual extras, beginning with the bonus short, ‘The Legend of Mordu,’ which further explores the mythology of the film.  You’ll also find audio commentary, a great special about the creative team’s research trip to Scotland called ‘Brave Old World,’ an art gallery, extended scenes, and specials on Bears and Magic and an alternate opening.  Plus a lot more too numerous to mention here.

As usual, it’s the whole package, and I can only imagine what a welcome treat this would be for parents who need to keep their little ankle-biters busy for a few hours as they get on with the holiday preparations.  As always, the film itself is the real gem, but it’s these extras that remind us how much care the Disney and Pixar folks put into their creative process.  And it just makes us yearn for the next one much sooner than they could possibly deliver it.