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Before the holidays I went to an art talk at the Getty where Peter Weller was speaking about the renaissance in Florence.  He brought up a conversation he’d had with cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro about the painter Giotto.  When Weller asked the assembled audience how many of us knew who Storaro was, only a couple of hands went up (these were art people, not film people).  But those of us who are just as likely to stare at a 16th century oil painting for days on end are also the ones who can recognize the beautiful work of the artists of the silver screen.

If you have seen “Dick Tracy,” then you already know what I’m talking about.  I remember when the film first came out and the behind-the-scenes features that aired on television that explained the bold and colourful world that the production design brought to life through Storaro’s lens and under Mr. Beatty’s direction.  Much to my surprise, that little featurette is not here on the Blu-ray.  In fact, there are no features at all.  This DVD release is purely to get the remastered film out in the format that it was intended for.  1990 was just a bit too early.

So enjoy “Dick Tracy” for the first time (probably the 7th for me) – it really is a looker.  And in a couple months we can add “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” to our nostalgic collection.